Sunday, October 14, 2012

Workshop and Assignment #2

Reading list from Saturday's workshop (10.13.12.)

Selected Works of Alfred Jarry Edited by Richard Shattuck
I Remember by Joe Brainard
Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of A Mexican Panda Express Employee by Megan Boyle
The Fast by Hannah Weiner
Midnight on Your Left by John Godfrey
Selected Poems James Schuyler

Assignment for next week:

Write a one page poem about doing one of three things: getting dressed, preparing a meal, or taking a shower/bath. Be as specific as possible in describing your rituals. Use brand names, dates, times, location, etc. What do you do first? Last? In between? Make sure to fill in the gaps between the facts with reasons why you do things, important associations, thoughts or daydreams that occur while participating in the activity you chose to document. Don't be afraid of your quirks, celebrate them, embrace them, share them with us, they are the creamy centers of your reportage. Watch yourself participate in something you do everyday and try to notice the uniqueness of your mind in the act of not being noticed. Most of all: have fun!

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