Sunday, October 14, 2012

Assignment #1
Incident Reports:
Write 10 "Incidents" you witness in your day-to-day life that you would report to a head of some institution if it was your job to write a report for that person. Each of the 10 reports should be brief descriptions of "incidents" you actually witness. As simple as: "10.9.10. 7:31 AM: gum on Baltic Street near Hicks Street, SW corner near parking meter. In the rain the gum appeared to be reddish-brown. A man in khakis tucked into silver Hunter boots with yellow raincoat and Yankees cap stepped on the gum as I stood nearby observing the corner." Basically stay as close-to-the-nose, grounded, present and in the real as possible. Pay attention to the world in a way that allows you to report to a non-poetic bureaucratic chief about the incidents you see. Be simple, clear and precise. Start each report with the exact date and time written. 

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