Sunday, October 21, 2012

Assignment #3:

Write a soothing, one page poem. While writing it, imagine you are transcribing a soothing voicemail message you've left for a friend or relative. Use minute particulars that you've started using in the other assignments. Stay close to the nose. Don't be afraid to write in the vernacular of everyday speech. But remember, the poem you write must be as soothing as possible. If it helps to think of the poem as addressed to someone, then by all means, address someone. If the poem is truly successful then after you read it the the entire class should be a trance of soothing tranquility. Seriously. Suggestion: make a list of 10 words that are most soothing to you and write them into the poem. Got it? Go for it! 

Class readings:

The Granite Pail by Lorine Neidecker
The Mysteries of Small Houses by Alice Notley

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