Saturday, October 20, 2012

Assignment 2

Pull on Dress Barn black body shaping undergarment.
Right leg gets stuck, hop, and hold onto the door.
Right leg in.
Left leg in, pull up.
Hooks and eyes in front, fasten Fantasie black underwire bra and turn.
Pull up and fill up the bra, lift and tuck, straighten straps.
Tug a Nike Pro sports bra over the head, pull down and smooth.
Put head through black inside-out Haynes silky t-shirt, pull over, feel arms in sleeves, pull down. 
Un-cap Mitchem. 
Put deodorant on under the black shirt. 
Slide the solid white fresh scent down both armpits. 
Pull on black pants.
Hook the eye and button.
Find matching black socks. 
Search for one black sock. 
Search for the other matching black sock. 
Search for the other black sock. 
Search for the other sock. 
Sit down and pull on socks. 
Untie and fit each foot into the Rockwell black touring shoes, 
adjust the laces, the tongue--double-knot.  
Stand up. 
Run the tape to get the cat hair off.


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