Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Before and after translation

Tom Hanks

Don’t worry, friend.  The music is marinating
and will issue forth like a dam’s jailed waters
releasing like a wrongly accused man the very
moment you have the time.

Testosterone.  Birds.  Tom Hanks.  Bandanas.  Fire engines.  Tom Hanks.  Bananas. Didgeridoos. Water buffaloes.  Tom Hanks!  Tom Hanks!

 And then: "Prince Akeem, unfamiliar with American expletives, 
grins and responds, 'Yes, yes!  Fuck you, too!'"

But won’t we all be happy one day?
Won’t we all procreate with the exact biological person
with whom we are fated to, with whom we will produce
the smartest, most virile, respectable offspring?
Yes, yes, just like Tom Hanks we most certainly will.
And humanity, just like your spirit and your music, will go on and on
(and on). 

Tom laughed

Do not worry, folks. Music is Cool
Trapped dams and other water
A free people wrongly accused
A moment of time.

Testosterone. Birds. Tom laughed. Headscarf. Fire. Tom laughed. Bananas. Didgeridoo. Buffalo. Tom Swan! Tom Swan!

Then in "Prince Akeem, are not familiar with American porn
Smiles and replies, "Yes, go to hell!"

But not everyone is happy days?
Not all people have the right biological
Our production expectations
Smart phones, penis, the seeds of civilization?
Yes, there, Tom will continue to laugh.
Music and his spirit and determination, human


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